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Issues with unsetting SESSION arraykey

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HI, I'm having trouble with unsetting a key from SESSION. I can unset the cart, but when I try to target the key, it doesn't work.
    Are there some regular things I should be looking for? The only thing I can think of is that I'm re-initializing the key by accident elsewhere in my code.

    $sessionArray = $_SESSION['cart_array'];     
    print_r ($sessionArray);

Print_r returns

Array ( [0] => Array ( [item_id] => 21 [quantity] => 1 ) ) 
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$_SESSION['cart_array'] contains an array of items. Each item has their own sub array. The sub array contains the item_id a value


$_SESSION['cart_array'][21] will return the item in the cart_array that has the numerical key of 21. This will not return the sub array with the item_id value of 21


To get rid of the item with the item_id of 21 you need to use numerical index 0.



You should restructure your $_SESSION['cart_array'] so your item ids are used as the keys for each item in the array and used as a value in the sub array

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Oh man.. thankyou very much for explaining that. I was just on the tail of figuring that out. Very much appriciated for the information and time.

$cartArray = $_SESSION['cart_array'];
$test = "";
foreach($cartArray as $key => $item) {
    $test .= $key . " ";
    if($key == 21){
	echo $test;
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