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hi everyone, first time in the forum, english is not my first language so i apologize for the spelling...


i manage a website i did some years ago for a car sell place..


in the website i have to upload the new cars and download the ones that have been sold every month...


now that takes a lot of time, i have to send them a list and they tell me wich ones add to the list and wich ones remove, for every car i have a litle box with  picture and some data, whenyou clik it it sends you to a small page with some more pictures of that car and some more text.. so every time i have to create a new page for every car and put the pictures on it...


i would like to have some sort of database with the list of all the active cars that i can get with one clik... then... i would like to have some sort of form where i can drag the pictures and it takes one of them with some of the information and creates the small post of the car and the other biger one with the other pictures and the rest of the info...



i dont know if im expressing my self welll



any ideas?


this is the site: www.laradialautomoviles.com


its the first site i ever did about 5 years ago, i never studied webdesign dont have the money to do it... so please dont criticize XD

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Basically you need a cms (content management system)


I see 3 choices here.


1. Hire someone to do this for you.


2. Learn a lot and try to do this on your own.(This won't be easy, Is a lot to it and will take a while, providing do it correctly as well)

lots more out there if look

html5  htmldog html-5-tutorial  udemy

css  htmldog csstutorial echoecho

php php.net

javascript htmldog

ajax mozilla tizag

jquery jquery learn


Those would be the common things to learn in addition to databases (mysql is popular) and their connection types like mysqli  or pdo, xml - tizag tutorial, json or whatever else may need


If actually making a cms there is also frameworks could also learn and may make it easier and better for you.




You can use php as a template engine if are slick enough, is also twig and smarty which are the popular ones.


3. Use a premade cms system, is many opensource ones out there for free.

If you don't have the desire or time to learn, this is what you should do.

wordpress (a wealth of plugins and themes, free and paid)

joomla (a wealth of plugins and themes, free and paid)

drupal (modules and themes, free and paid)

ezycardealer (get what it is)

jt carframework (get what it is)

magneto (while the cms is free, most every addition have seen for this cost some money, but some may be worth it)


Browse the net and shop around, might be one out that there suits your needs better


I'm all for people learning and do on their own, but all you have is a few simple html pages that won't even be of use the proposed new site.

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