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US based Web Developer specialized in developing/customizing web applications available


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I'm specialized in developing/customizing web applications and is a hard core LAMP guy, Developed large projects in Java, C, and C++. Shell and Python scripting. R. Haskell and Clojure. SQL. I have a small core team of 3 members work with me and on a registered LLC named R&DS( Research and Development solutions), Altogether we are a 3 men army specializing Python, Ruby and PHP and CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Magento.


Web Technologies

ROR, Python,PHP, Drupal / Majendo Customization and Template integrations, AJAX,ZEN CART Integration,OS Commerce , Word-Press, Drupal, JSP,MS Sql,MYSQL, Css, Asp. Net , VC .Net programming, Remote Database Administration and also specialized in custom Web 2.0. Web Programming Platforms


Location: Houston, Texas


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