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Help - Warehouse script


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Hello ,


I am trying to make some script for personal use


I had create a database like "warehouse" . I managed to check all products, to change the number of pieces I / price etc.

What I fail to create a page of "sale" in which you can add more products that are sold to a customer and that in the end to be stored in a sales table, to which I have access later for guarantees example.

I fail to understand how to create that sales page. I know I need to use sessions to add each item to be sold. But here I actually stuck and do not know how to go further.

How do I change stock every product sold, how to send these products to be inserted into the sales table with a unique code etc ....

I hope you understand about what I want to get, and someone to help me, or give me an idea.

Thank you very much.

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that's because it's not entirely clear what you are stuck at doing or what your specific question is about.


start by telling us or showing us what your input data is, what processing you need to perform on that data, and what result or output you expect from the processing of that data.


to use an analogy, you are asking someone to draw you a map showing how to navigate between two locations. without knowing your exact starting location and destination, no accurate map between those two points can be drawn.

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The whole ideea is....


I have some product list , when i click on them they will showed on a sale page ( like a shopping cart ) with the other details of the client. The thing that i don't know , how to add all of that products from the sale page to a table "sales" when a FINISH button is pressed.

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