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Hello Guys and Gals,


I have been teaching myself php, mysql and html by necessity  and pretty damn slow at it :-).

I have been using a number of php and MySql books some are OK the main issue is they are either at the Hello world stage or complex.


Unfortunately the small company I work for are tight on cash and have a "custom built" database management system written for them in 2008 and it is in dire need of updates and edits.


When it was written most the references I need to work with were hard coded as "select" text menus rather than referring back to end user  editable data.

Examples of this data is department descriptions and locations.


I made the mistake of putting my hand up to fix it (I am a safety professional and it is the safety system I am using that needs the work) and have been given ftp access to its back end so I have made a copy and installed the lot on a Server2go usb and using Server2go as a portable development environment.


I have slowly worked through and got as far as creating some "back end user" data, which would typically be seen as a admin type of data, now I am trying to replace the hard coded text in the php code by referencing back to the new tables created.

I could just do a shonky and overwrite the hard code but would rather use look up data that would survive  a bit longer plus with the new tables I have created a column which either shows the department_name as active or inactive with a view to using code such as SELECT FROM (the table) WHERE (the rows data is) active.


So it looks like I have the challenge of working with some old code (circa 2008) not being a proficient coder (I am very slow and use Google lots which leads me to finding some of the code I am working with is possibly deprecated).


Anyhow hello php community, I am sure I will be posting a number of questions as i am struggling to find the answers online

Happy New Year from Australia

Cheers Jase

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