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add pagination to an existing opencart module

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First time asking technical question in a forum so I beg pardon for errors.


I have a third party blog module installed on opencart. The original coder helped me to fix some bugs, but he is not answering anymore to emails.

I would like to add a simple pagination to the "latest articles"  part, because at the moment the website display the exact number declared in "article limit" and does not show pagination if articles shown are less than the total.


the code from "article_by_type.php" line 85  is the following:


        if ($setting['article_type']=='recent_article') {

        $data = array(

                    'sort'  => 'p.date_added',

                    'order' => 'DESC',

                    'start' => 0,

                    'limit' => $article_limit



                $articles = $this->model_news_article->getArticles($data);


another file "article_list.php" at line 88 and 214 already have pagination:


$this->data['article_ajax_load'] = $this->getArticle($article_category_id,$page,$limit,$description_limit);
            $pagination = new Pagination();
            $pagination->total = $article_total;
            $pagination->num_links = 3;
            $pagination->page = $page;
            $pagination->limit = $limit;
            $pagination->text = $this->language->get('text_pagination');
            $pagination->url = 'index.php?route=module/article_list/getlist&cpath='.$article_category_id. '&page={page}'.'&limit=' .$limit;
            $this->data['pagination'] = $pagination->render();


can anyone help add pagination to "article_by_type.php" or adapt the existing pagination code to it ?



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