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Simple and clean or bright and confusing?


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I created a new homepage for my network of sites I run. I tried to go for a simple and clean look. The pages themselves function how I'd like, but I'm unsure if the menu system is easy to understand or not.


I even added a time limited message on the front page of the site indicating that the logo was clickable, but purposely left it off of other sub-pages to try and keep the design as clean as possible.


Check it out, let me know what you think. :sweat:



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In my opinion, you should not hide/show the menu by requiring the user to click that icon. I looked at your page and almost didn't even notice the "click for menu" prompt. I would really suggest rethinking whether the menu should be hidden at all. It doesn't take up too much vertical space. And, if that is an issue, you could see how it looks to the right of the logo.


Regarding the use of the large images and mouseover images for the external pages I think it is a good, clean look. But, I would consider two changes. 1) When I mouseover an image it isn't always noticeable that the text has popped-up above because thinks like that usually appear below the action item and because the general background color is white and the background of the mouseover content is white also. I would try putting the mouseover content below the image and give it a slight tint for a background color. I'd try a 10%-20% tint of the color used for the menu icons. And, possibly an outline around the box.

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I really like it!


I am also running a couple of sites, and I have also considered making like an overall page with a link to all of them!


Have you coded it all yourself or is it like a WordPress theme? If its WP I would like to know the name of the theme  :happy-04:


And pretty cool sites you run by the way!

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