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How to show related articles on my website

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Im running a website about health and foods. I would like that at the end of each article, it shows other related articles that I have on my website.

Im relatively new with php and mysql so I figure I have to put every page onto a database table. 


I looked already everywhere but all I found is how to do with wordpress. But i'm not using anything like that. 

I made the website myself with css and html and php. 


Can somebody help me with a website where they explain how to do?


Also I would like that automatically it shows my latest articles in a sidebar. Without anytime adding myself manually.


Can anybody help me? 

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Perhaps a table of keywords for each article, then you can search for other articles that have keywords in common

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Do you want to show 'other related articles' or do you want to show links to 'other related articles'?


Have you decided how you want it to look? How many related articles you want to show? Perhaps start by attempting to rough out what you think should happen to show related articles and what type of information you would require to be able to link one article to another in such a manner. Have you written any code at all yet? If so, maybe you could post it here.

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