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Using Variables in PHP.ini?

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I'm running the latest stable version of PHP in Apache Server on Windows 7 64-bit.


It working fine and set up correctly.


I'd like to use ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES or a variable like "%current_directory%" or "..\%current_directory%" in the configuration files for PHP, php.ini.


Is this possible? Is php.ini a parsed file, can variables be define and used in it? Help would be much appreciated  :D

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According to the PHP documentation here you can use Windows Environment Variables within the php.ini

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Thanks for the reply.


I got it working by creating a .CMD file for creating the Windows Environment Variables (only Windows 7 or later):

SETX DEV_SERVER_APACHE_DIR D:\webserver\apache /M
SETX DEV_SERVER_PHP_DIR D:\webserver\apache /M
SETX DEV_SERVER_MYSQL_DIR "D:\webserver\mysql\MySQL Server 5.6" /M
SETX DEV_SERVER_MYSQL_DATA_DIR "D:\webserver\mysql\MySQL Server 5.6\data" /M

and then in PHP.ini, for example:

include_path = ".;${DEV_SERVER_APACHE_DIR}\htdocs"

and start the Apache Windows Service and check the variable with phpinfo. :D thanks!

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