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Thank You All Freakers


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This is not a question and I know this post doesn't belong here but this is where I started and you guys are the people I want to thank.


A big thank you to all PHP Freakers on this site.  Over the years I've had many issues with code and this site has taken me from a complete novice knowing absolutely nothing to where I am today.  I now have my own web company, I have my own premises and things are going great.


I wouldn't be here without you Freakers.  You all rock my world thank you very much.  When I get on top of my work I will make it my mission to help more on this site.  I'll never forget where all this came from.  You guys did this for me!


So remember that when you help people on this site your not only solving an issue that person has.  You're expanding their knowledge so they can be more successful and one day help others just like you.  This truly is the best coding help site out there with the best people on it.


Again thank you all x

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