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Open PDF File from Variable


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Alright I am so close but can not figure this out, thanks in advance for any help.


So what I am trying to do is take the input variables from a form and have them load a specific PDF .

if( $_GET["startpoint"] || $_GET["endpoint"])
$a = $_GET["startpoint"];
$b = $_GET["endpoint"];

echo "Your Startpoint is:". $_GET["startpoint"]. "<br />";
echo "Your Endpoint is: ". $_GET["endpoint"]. "<br />";
echo  $a,$b,".pdf";



This is what I have and it works to display what the two points are what the final pdf file should be. 


The final echo generates the PDF name 

echo  $a,$b,".pdf";

How can I get it to load a file using this as a variable or the name it generates, thanks.

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