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passing on values

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Hi guys


I would like to get whole content of html file after I submitted a password. The problem is that the my code doesn't access the value for the file. I tried to create a session but i doesn't work. What other option do I have to get the content of the html file?

  	$selected_file = $_POST['radio1'];
  	// get the filename of the file
    $fileinfo = pathinfo($selected_file);
    $filename = $fileinfo['dirname'] . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $fileinfo['filename'];
    $password = 'code';
    $lines = file("$filename.html");
    $_SESSION['selectedfile'] = $selected_file;
    $_SESSION['file'] =  $filename;
    $_SESSION['Scipt'] =  ("$filename.html");
    $_SESSION['Scipttext'] =  $lines;
  	$_SESSION['file2'] = $fileinfo;

if (isset($_POST['submitradio']))
 	 echo '<div class="imageselected">';
	 echo '<img src="'.$_SESSION['selectedfile'].'" /></br>'.PHP_EOL;
	 echo '</div>';
    // check to see if a html file named the same also exists
    	echo "<form action='test_result.php' method='post'>";
    	echo '<div class="Password">';
    	echo 'Type in password to view full Script';
		echo "<label><div class=\"Input\"><input type='password' name='passIT' value='passit'/></div>";
		echo "<input type='submit' name='submitPasswordIT' value='Submit Password'/></div>";
		echo '</div>';
		echo "$filename.html shares the same name as $selected_file";

		for($x = 1;$x<=15;$x++) {
		header( "Content-Type: file/html" );
		$lines = ($_SESSION['Scipttext']);
		$new = strip_tags($lines); 
		echo $lines[rand(0, count($lines)-1)]."<br>";
    	// end of forloop
  		// end of check
		  // start Sorrytext
    		 echo '<div class="NoScript">';
        		echo "Nothing available at the moment.";
        		echo '</div>';
		 // end Sorrytext
// End of submitradio
if ($_POST['passIT']== $password ){
echo "You entered correct password";
echo "You entered wrong password";
echo '</form>';

I would be grateful for help.

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Bump your old topic. Do not start new ones for the same problem if no replies have been made in your old topic!

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