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running linux on hp 14r103ng notebook with 4 (8GB)

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ant to install linux on a notebook (which i want to buy )

The notebook: hewlett packard  - hp 14r103ng notebook with 4 (8GB)


Prozessor: Intel® Pentium™-Prozessor N3540 (4x 2,16 GHz, mit Turbo Burst bis zu 2,66 GHz, 2MB Cache)
Grafik: Intel HD Graphics
RAM 4 GB DDRL3 1600 MHz, max. 8 GB
drive: 500 GB, 5.400 U/Min, SATA, 2,5“


what do you think bout this idea.

Question: i do not do play games. I only need the notebook to have a good one for being mobile.

I plan to set the RAM to 8 GB immitiately after buying it.

do you think that this is a good choice or do you suggest to go to a notebook that has a

INTEL i 3 or
INTEL i 5 processor

again: i only need a notebook that does basic things...

The notebook costs 260 to 290 Euro in Germany - thats a fair price - reasonable and okay i think.
The notebook has got a dvd-drive...

love to hear from you

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regarding the hp notebook - see more infos here: http://www8.hp.com/de/de/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=7464049



btw:  to compare this with the notebook that i have had in the last 3 years;  

medion - Akoya p 6512


Prozessor (Typ, Taktfrequenz) AMD Athlon X2 P320 (Champlain, 2,1 GHz)
Zwischenspeicher: Level-1-/Level-2-/Level-3-Cache 2 x 128 Kilobyte/2 x 512 Kilobyte/–
Arbeitsspeicher: Hersteller, Typ (Taktung im System, Timing, belegte Steckplätze) Hyundai SO-DIMM DDR3 (1.066 MHz, CL 7, 2 Dual Channel)
Arbeitsspeicher: eingebaut/maximal und maximal unter Windows benutzbar 4.096 Megabyte/8.192 Megabyte/3.071 Megabyte (bei 32 Bit)
Chipsatz/BIOS (Version) AMD 785G/AMI (A16GKAM7.106)
Startbar über folgende Anschlüsse USB, eSATA, Netzwerkbuchse (LAN)

well you see that i do not need a high end notebook . so i guess that the above mentioned notebook will fit the needs...-^0

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