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Are there pitfalls or other considerations when purchasing an SSL cert?


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My retail business will finally have a website with ecommerce, and I am considering the EV type multi-subdomain SSL certificate from Comodo. I only chose this cert for the green bar, and the price of the cert is low. If I purchase it through a re-seller, it looks like I can get it for as low as $135.00 a year.


Since I've only purchased one cert before (for an unrelated business), I'm wondering about things like speed. I was reading something yesterday where a guy was saying that the speed of his page loads was much slower with SSL. I realize that some encryption/decryption takes place, and that encrypted data is larger than non-encrypted.


I'm also wondering if the green bar is really worth it. Does anyone here have an ecommerce site where a green bar made a difference? For instance, sales before and after green bar went from X to Z.


Lastly, I'm wondering if purchasing the SSL cert from a re-seller is just as good as purchasing it directly. I don't really want to give somebody a few hundred dollars to find out that there is a difference, and that I screwed up.


Any other pitfalls, considerations, or tips?

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Generally the only difference is the encryption level, liability insurance and whether you get the full green bar. Seeing the green padlock is apparently important now to users, as they're made more aware of web insecurities, and of course Google now rank you higher for having an SSL cert. SSL should not be a worrying factor of speed these days. If someone is having issues then it's more than likely the server at fault, not a direct result of having an SSL certificate.

Bottom line is definitely have an SSL cert if you're selling stuff, but realistically I wouldn't worry about paying out of the arse for anything advanced. Run of the mill will do until you enter the major bucks revenue wise.

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