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How to access files outside web root...

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As my application grows, I am becoming more and more concerned about my configuration and .INC files which are contained within sub directories of my web root folder.


I am lead to understand that it is good practice to move sensitive files (those containing passwords and mysql logon credentials) outside of the general www folder


How do I access those files in PHP with, say an include or required statement


I am currently using include'../configuration/config.php'  how do I access files above ../





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Those .inc files can be renamed with a .php extension so they can't be visited and read as a text document


Create a new directory(folder) in the /var directory

let's use web_files as the new directory

give www-data permission for web_files


I create a new directory to keep them all in one place and also to prevent any accidental deletions or overwriting


You can then access as any other include or require

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