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RSA Encryption Problem


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I need to send a password that's RSA encrypted with a public key (along with some other data).  Here are the exact instructions from the documentation for the password:


  • Encode password in Base64 and ensure UTF-8 encoding
  • Encrypt password with RSA with provided public key, no block mode, and PKCS1Padding
  • Encode resulting encryption in Base64 with ensured UTF-8 encoding

Here's the code I'm using that to me seems correct:

function encryptPassword($pass) {

     $pass = base64_encode($pass);

     $fp = fopen("./cert.crt", "r");
     $publicKey = fread($fp, 8192);

     openssl_public_encrypt($pass, $cryptedText, $publicKey, OPENSSL_PKCS1_PADDING);

     return base64_encode(utf8_encode($cryptedText));

I'm getting an error on the other side saying the password can't be decoded.  Support from them is basically non-existent other than the error message, and them saying everything is correct on their side.  My question is, am I sending what they're asking for according to the documentation?


Thanks in advance!

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UTF-8 encoding in the last step doesn't make sense. I think they mean:

1. Make sure password is in UTF-8 encoding

2. base64_encode() it

3. Encrypt

4. base64_encode() that too


So try without the utf8_encode().


Thanks, I actually forgot to take that out before I posted.  I threw it in there as a last ditch attempt to get it working before I went to the message boards.  Taking it out has not affect on the result.  I appreciate the response!

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The code seems right, though the

isn't doing anything so you should remove it.


Have you checked the return value manually? Does it look like random alphanumeric characters?


General advice applies too: make sure you have your environment set up for development by using

error_reporting = -1
display_errors = on
in your php.ini (restart the web server if not) and check for error messages.
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