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Can I use SQL Server with PHP / HTML locally


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I am a desktop / database programmer.  I wish to write a program to read data from a database and populate a combobox in an html page.  I have read that PHP can do this.  Is this correct?  I would prefer not to have to use a web server since this is a local app and there will be one page and it will be static excpet for a few selection criteria (like a combobox).   All the examples I see are for web pages.  If this can be done can someone point me in the right direction?




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Does anyone know how to install PHP?  I download a couple of installations and no exe will run.  They are looking for a microsoft library MSVCR110.dll.  I tried a test but it does not work.


<!DOCTYPE html>

echo "My first PHP script!";



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Look into WAMP, which will install Apache/Mysql/PHP on a windows system and set everything up to run together. You will need a webserver running locally to process the php scripts. It doesn't have to be a remote server. You DONT need a webserver if you are executing the php scripts via the command line, but most likely you'd want to be using a browser to access the page since you want to generate <select> form elements (combobox as you referred to it).

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