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How much can you rely / should you use a client's resources for processing?


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I'm trying to devise a summarizer, I intend to "teach it" so to speak, how to take a wall of garbage and summarize it.


This is useful to me when I want to learn about things quickly and not have to sift through garbage.


I intend to build a scraper of some kind or actually to start with a direct copy and paste approach, and then "the magic happens" pattern recognition, word frequency with identifiers on the page of where stuff is and how many sources were used


Anyway, aside from the technical part of storing the information locally or on a server to be processed using javascript or php, I'm curious about what route to go with...

It would seem obvious, use the client's resources, to save on server resources but how much can I get?


I don't know if you can have a lot of access to the clients processing power... what about browser based games?


It's really not a lot of computing I would like to assume.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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