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Contacts Databases Examples


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So i was looking around and found that the contacts book (address book for Outlook) has the potential to store allot of data, and i mean more then what anyone would properly put in.


Here is the list (100 Columns):

Full_Name, Title, First_Name, Middle_Name, Surname, Initals, Suffix, Job_Title, Department, Organization, Email, Street_Address, City, State/Province/County, Postal_Code, Country, Telephone, Home_Tel., Fax, Other_Fax, Other_Email, Mobile, Pager, Info, Home_Post_Address, Home_Street_Address, Postal_Address, SMR_Address, Web_Site, Business_Street_2, Business_Street_3, Home_Street_2, Home_Street_3, Home_City, Home_State, Home_Postal_Code, Home_Country, Other_Street, Other_Street_2, Other_Street_3, Other_City, Other_State, Other_Postal_Code, Other_Country, Assistant's_Phone, Business_Fax, Business_Phone_2, Callback, Car_Phone, Company_Main_Phone, Home_Fax, Home_Phone_2, ISDN, Other_Phone, Primary_Phone, Radio_Phone, Telex, Account, Anniversary, Assistant's_Name_, Billing_Information, Birthday, Business_Address_PO_Box, Categories, Children, Company_Yomi, Directory_Server, E-mail_Type, E-mail_Display_Name, E-mail_2_Address, E-mail_2_Type, E-mail_Display_Name, E-mail_3_Address, E-mail_3_Type, E-mail_3_Display_Name, Gender, Government_ID_Number, Hobby, Home_Address_PO_Box, Internet_Free_Busy, Keywords, Language, Location, Manager's_Name, Mileage, Office_Location, Organizational_ID_Number, Other_Address_PO_Box, Prioity, Private, Profession, Referred_By, Sensitivity, Spouse, Surname_Yomi, User_1, User_2, User_3, User_4, Nickname

I particularly like:

  • Government_ID_Number (this could be handy)
  • Language (I don't think that most of us would be Multi-Lingal)
  • Mileage (Because i like the car and i want to by it at 300,000 KM)

So what would you want to put in your database?

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I guess I don't understand the question. There is no one size fits all "Contacts" database. The fields/values needed are dependent upon the application they are supporting. The application I work on has Client records with some of the data properties modeled after outlook. But, we have much more data available based on what products they license. Ad, that is only the data we have specific uses for in the various applications. We also allow firms to add custom fields to be available to all Client records. This includes text fields, select, radio, lookup, etc.


As far as the "language" issue, I have to assume you live in the US and have never really traveled abroad. Speaking multiple languages is the norm in many countries. Even in the user, there is a large segment of the population that may speak little or no English. If you were a company that provides services to the public there is a good chance knowing what language the customer speaks would be very important. As for the mileage field, I believe that is so a person can record the mileage when visiting the client for billing purposes.

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