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Ajax is not returning the correct response. Laravel


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I'm creating a social network site using Laravel. I have a page that load all the posts created by users the currentUser follows. I have a comment section on each post. I'm using ajax to post the comments.


Here is my code.


Here is the view of the comment-box. It contains a section where I loop through each comment and display them. At the end is the type field so a user can post a new comment:



<div class="comment-box-container ajax-refresh">
      <div class="comment-box">
        @if ($type->comments)
          @foreach ($type->comments as $comment)

            <div class="user-comment-box">

              <div class="user-comment">
                <p class="comment">
    <!-- starts off with users name in blue followed by their comment-->
                  <span class="tag-user"><a href="{{ route('profile', $comment->owner->id) }}">{{ $comment->owner->first_name }} {{ $comment->owner->last_name }}</a> </span>{{ $comment->body }}
    <!-- Show when the user posted comments-->
              <div class="com-details">
                <div class="com-time-container">
                   {{ $comment->created_at->diffForHumans() }} ·

            </div><!--user-comment end-->
          </div><!--user-comment-box end-->

    <!--type box-->
      <div class="type-comment">
        <div class="type-box">
        {{ Form::open(['data-remote', 'route' => ['commentPost', $id], 'class' => 'comments_create-form']) }}
            {{ Form::hidden('user_id', $currentUser->id) }}
            {{ Form::hidden($idType, $id) }}
            {{--{{ Form::hidden('user_id', $currentUser->id) }}--}}
            {{ Form::textarea('body', null, ['class' =>'type-box d-light-solid-bg', 'placeholder' => 'Write a comment...', 'rows' => '1']) }}
        {{ Form::close() }}
        </div><!--type-box end-->

    </div><!--comment-box end-->


The user submit the form for the comment type box by pressing the "enter/return" key. Here is the JS for that



        $(document).on('keydown', '.comments_create-form', function(e) {
            if (e.keyCode == 13) {


Here is my Ajax




    $(document).on('submit', 'form[data-remote]', function(e){
        var form = $(this)
        var target = form.closest('div.ajax-refresh');
        var method = form.find('input[name="_method"]').val() || 'POST';
        var url = form.prop('action');

            type: method,
            url: url,
            data: form.serialize(),
            success: function(data) {
                var tmp = $('<div>');
                target.html( tmp.find('.ajax-refresh').html() );
                target.find('.type-box').html( tmp.find('.type-box').html() );



When I post a comment on the first post it all works fine. However, when I post a comment on the second, third, fourth etc it only displays the comments from the first post. I have to manually refresh the page, then the correct comments will display. 


I'll try to illustrate this problem with images.


Starting fresh, I can easily submit 2 comments on POST 1


When I scroll down to Post 2, I see it already has a comment, I will submit a new comment


HERE'S THE PROBLEM: When I submit the comment on POST 2, the comments that were in POST 2 disappears, and are replaced by the comments from POST 1.


The back end still worked, because when I reload the page everything is the way it should be


I'm completely stuck. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?


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