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SMS blogging, do I need a spare line?


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Unlimited texting seems to be a default standard nowadays

I was walking today and I thought of the idea of blogging via SMS


It's not a new idea, did a brief search


I saw API's and such, not sure if they are "pure" or affiliated with some sort of CMS somewhere


Anyway, I imagine the basic idea is an endpoint to receive the texts from people's phones after their phones have been verified / logged on the site. I'm just wondering how the actual part of understanding the SMS and somehow accessing it from the phone's OS and connecting to the website and updating the databases...


Maybe it's not far... I don't know... I guess I ought to pick a phone like Android and start from there.


Any thoughts?


It's nothing crazy, just like "Oh I have an idead, post" and I realize an app could be just as easy as SMS but SMS is like an obvious, well known thing to use, so how hard is it to open your sms and respond to the saved contact which you have most likely have been posting to already?

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Most providers allow you to "text" an email rather than a phone number. Given this some places will just setup a special email that they send texts too and then use a script to monitor new messages to that account and post them. I did this for a while many years ago.


If you prefer to send the texts to a phone number instead, you'll need to use a service such as Twilio to receive the texts. They will then call out to a script on your site with the information about the message received which you can then post. I've used them for a password reset application and also an appointment confirmation system before.

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