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I really need help. I'm completely stuck and waaaay out of my depth here. I don't even know where to begin.


I am desperate to learn how to use existing API services - but I find the whole concept completely overwhelming. I can't even get something from a Google search because everything on this subject just goes over my head.


I have created an account with tvrage.com and got an API key. With that, I can get a list, in XML, of all the current TV shows in the UK and the US. It starts like this;

<country name="US">
<showname>Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US)</showname>
<showname>Jack Van Impe</showname>
<showname>Figure It Out</showname>
<showname>TNA Pay-Per-View</showname>
<showname>WWE After Burn</showname>

All I want, is to list this out on MY website... I am a complete beginner. I imagine I have to copy and paste the URL in to my code, right? A javascript link? But then, what after that?


I have barely touched javascript or jquery as a developer. Can someone just give me some guidance on this please? It's really starting to stress me out :-(


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Here is an article I wrote explaining what an api is and some ways how to access the data.



It all depends each particular api service and also what you want to do with the results.

For something live as displaying latest results in a sidebar can retrieve the json or xml response and output it for display in a sidebar

You could build your own api service or even own website using all their data if you store the results a db.


They also have feeds which are similar minus the summaries.

Is many scripts,widgets and example codes of how do display feeds on a website.


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