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[help needed] Problem with XpertMailer


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Hello All;


First of all I'm a newbie at PHP and a newbie at PHP Freaks, that's why I've chose to use a premade php email form code (The XpertMailer) because I don't know too many other options nor can write all code by myself! That being said here it goes:

My business web page uses an xpertmailer php code for our contact page email form. It used to run smooth and with no worries till we decided to change our host server to another company, with more and updated features.

So I've changed the smail.php (only that file) codes with the new smtp information (new server name, port, account, password, etc...) and saved my file and uploaded to our new server overwriting the old one... But now, nothing works... It keeps showing the message "sending email" but it never sends... Here you can see the code (note parts of it are in Portuguese):

  include "smtp.php";

  function smail($assunto, $mensagem) {
    $paraemail = "emailexample@mywebsite.net";
    $paranome  = "Our Company Name";

    $mail = new SMTP;

    $mail->Relay('smtp.mywebsite.net', 'emailexample@mywebsite.net', 'password', 587, false);



    $mail->From("emailexample@mywebsite.net", "Email from Our Company Website");

    $mail->AddTo($paraemail, $paranome);
    $mail->AddTo("emailexample@yahoo.com", "Backup Mail");


    $sent = $mail->Send($assunto);

    /* for debugging */
    /* echo '<br>Result: '. $mail->result; */

    return $sent;

As far as I know the only thing I needed to change in XpertMailer configuration to work with the new smtp informations was this file only! Should I change something in the other files of XpertMailer or the problem lies in this file only?


PS.: my XpertMailer script version is the 2.0... I know that there's a new version.... Due to the fact this host server is new, (apparently with new php if compared with my old one) should this be the problem?

Thanks in advance...

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