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Can an anchor jump to a scroll position rather than anchor element?

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On this dev url , the blue down "auto scroll" arrow under the headline text uses a simple anchor to jump to a spot on the page (and some javascript to slow down the scroll, but I don't think that matters as far as my question goes).  


As you can see, I'm also using Skrollr to animate objects and when you scroll down manually, the page kind of 'sticks' when the iMac reaches the top of the page.  THAT is where I'd like the "auto scroll" arrow button to jump to and STOP.


Right now, it scrolls to that spot, but then keeps going a little further.


I've tried putting the anchor element in all different spots, but none get the desired resting place. That got me wondering if you can specify that an anchor scrolls down to a certain scroll position (for example, 300 pixels) rather than to an actual anchor element.  


In other words, my skrollr code fixes the monitor to the top of the page when the user scrolls 300 pixels.  So that is where I need the "auto scroll" down arrow to jump to.


Anyone know if this is possible, or have another idea?



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Javascript preprocessing tool allows you to create a label and then goto it using this syntax:

[lbl] <label-name>
goto <label-name>

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