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GOdaddy and 1&1 are worst host.

I would like to point at my UK based host : www.webhosting.uk.com reliable and honest host with

24x7 live chat, email and Phone support, WHM/cPanel/plesk, PHP 4.X-5.X, MySQL, MSSQL, unlimited domains, emails etc



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I use Dream Host. I like their service, but I also only have been with one other host, and dream host blows them away in features, in price, and quality (I believe).


Common looked at features:

Disk Storage at signup  500 GB

  Automatically Increases Weekly By: 2 GB


Monthly Bandwidth at signup 5.0 TB

  Automatically Increases Weekly By: 40 GB


1 free domain

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In the past I have recommended 1and1. Although I have read numerous negative reviews about them I had not had any trouble with them. That is until recently. Their FTP server has been down 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Not for any long periods of time, but when I need to modify a file and re-upload it then I need to do it now without issues.


So I formally withdraw my support for 1and1. I will be checking into some of the hosts you folks have provided here.



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I have tried a lot of hosts, and 100% hands-down WiredTree takes the cake. Best support I've ever had, quick network and great customer portal.


But if your looking for something un-managed, then check out SoftLayer. They take the cake on the un-managed side.




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I've been using Site5 for like 6 years now and haven't really had any significant issues with them.  I think the main thing I don't like about site5 is their custom cpanel.  They used to call it Netadmin and sometime like a year or so ago they redesigned it again and are now calling it Siteadmin.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not bad.  It's really good.  It's an easy to use, intuitive interface, offers all the bells and whistles, etc... just makes it harder IMO to go to boards like phpfreaks.com asking for help when your host isn't sticking to the "norm."  Not that Site5 support is bad... it's been decent so far.  Just sayin'... what makes more sense: restricting yourself to one support venue, or being able to find support everywhere?

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I've never had too many problems with 1and1, and any niggles I have had have been sorted very quickly, their support guys are top-notch. That said, I only use them for domain registration these days, not hosting, since their packages are a bit too inflexible and expensive for smaller sites. So now I host with purplecloud who specifically target customers with smaller requirements - decent list of bolt-ons and upgrades. If your site really takes off or if you want to use anything other than PHP/MySQL/perl then it'll outgrow these guys fairly quickly, but as a starter host they're excellent.

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1and1 - 1/5 - Inflexible, downtime, crappy control panel, very limited, bad support, difficult to transfer out of

Bluehost -2/5 - Great live support, mostly helpful, too much downtime on the FTP, Mail, and MySQL. I have had my 'mail' folder deleted several times and they had no backups.


Rackspace - I requested some information and they called me and hooked me up with a technician who knew what he was doing. Quite helpful actually, and I plan to get dedicated hosting from them.

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I've sent ober an pm to remove EMaxHosting, here's why:


apache version emax uses: 1.3.39

Latest version (for gentoo): 2.2.9-r1


MySQL version emax uses: 4.1.22

Latest version (for gentoo): mysql-5.0.60-r1


Kernel version emax uses: 2.6.9

Latest version:


Also their home pages sucks and their Customer Management Interface is horrible

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I've been using 3ix.com for about 18 months, not had any real issues with them. They have live 24/7 tech support, from $1 (USD) per month you can host one domain with 10gb space and 20gb bandwidth so great for a testing server as they have the PHP 5, MySQL version 5, CPanel 11, Addon Scripts etc.

For $3 pm you can host 3 domains with unlimited bandwidth, works well for me!

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Lunar pages is very to use, and their sites load quickly.


Their winter special is $4.95, and the specs are:


General account information:

Hosting package default

Shared Ip Address

Subdomains 0 / 999

Parked Domains 2 / 999

Addon Domains 0 / unlimited

MySQL Databases 3 / 999

Postgresql Databases 0 / 999

Disk Space Usage 5.05 Megabytes

MySQL Disk Space 0.22 Megabytes

Disk space available Unlimited Megabytes

Bandwidth (this month) 22.43 Megabytes

Email Accounts 0 / 999

Email Forwarders 0

Auto-responders 0

Mailing Lists 0 / 1

Email Filters 0

Ftp Accounts 0 / 999


General server information:

Operating system Linux

Service Status Click to View

Kernel version 2.6.9-78.0.8.ELsmp

Machine Type i686

Apache version 2.0.63

PERL version 5.8.8

Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl

Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail

Installed Perl Modules Click to View

PHP version 4.4.9

MySQL version 5.0.67-community

cPanel Version 11.24.4-RELEASE 32603

Theme cPanel X v2.5.0

Documentation Click to View


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