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adding JS into existing PHP code?

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Hey All,

I need to change the way some of my radio buttons display.


I've set up a demo here which should show you what I'm trying to do, however I cannot work out how to merge the codes....

$s .= '<div class="app_services_dropdown_select">';
		//$s .= '<select name="app_select_services" class="app_select_services">';
		if ( $services ) {
			foreach ( $services as $service ) {
				$service_description = '';
				// Check if this is the first service, so it would be displayed by default
				if ( $service->ID == $appointments->service ) {
					$d = '';
					$sel = ' checked="checked"';
				else {
					$d = ' style="display:none"';
					$sel = '';
				// Add options
				//$s .= '<option value="'.$service->ID.'"'.$sel.'>'. stripslashes( $service->name ) . '</option>';
				$s .= '<input type="radio" name="app_select_services" value="'.$service->ID.'"'.$sel.' />'. stripslashes( $service->name ).'<br />';
				// Include excerpts
				$e .= '<div '.$d.' class="app_service_excerpt" id="app_service_excerpt_'.$service->ID.'" >';
				// Let addons modify service page
				$page = apply_filters( 'app_service_page', $service->page, $service->ID );
				switch ( $description ) {
					case 'none'		:		break;
					case 'excerpt'	:		$service_description .= $appointments->get_excerpt( $page, $thumb_size, $thumb_class, $service->ID ); break;
					case 'content'	:		$service_description .= $appointments->get_content( $page, $thumb_size, $thumb_class, $service->ID ); break;
					default			:		$service_description .= $appointments->get_excerpt( $page, $thumb_size, $thumb_class, $service->ID ); break;
				$e .= apply_filters('app-services-service_description', $service_description, $service, $description) . '</div>';
		//$s .= '</select>';
		$s .= '<input type="button" class="app_services_button" value="'.$show.'">';
		$s .= '</div>';

Obviously the actual display code for the radio buttons is:

$s .= '<input type="radio" name="app_select_services" value="'.$service->ID.'"'.$sel.' />'. stripslashes( $service->name ).'<br />';

and the display code is:

<img class="hidden" id="car" src="http://site.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/car.png" />
<img class="hidden" id="van" src="http://site.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/van.png" />
<div id="imageSelectList"></div>

The car is value 1 on the radio and the van is 2...


The JS for the above is

function createImageSelectList(id, name, arrOptions) {
    var $elm = $("#" + id);
    for(var x = 0; x<arrOptions.length; x++) {
        var opt = arrOptions[x];
        var subId = name + "_" + opt.value;
        var $rad = $("<input />");
        $rad.attr("type", "radio");
        $rad.attr("value", opt.value);
        $rad.attr("name", name);
        $rad.attr("id", subId);
        var $lbl = $("<label />");
        $lbl.attr("for", subId);
        $lbl.append($("<img />")
            .attr("src", $("#" + opt.image).attr("src")));
            alert('radio  ' +this.value +' was checked')
createImageSelectList("imageSelectList", "pickImage1", [
    {value: 1, image: "car"},
    {value: 2, image: "van"}

How can I merge the two?

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your jsfiddle works fine though the css has the following declaration which is hiding the radio button.


if you change that to 


 and then wrap each image and the associated radio button in a div and float to the left you can group them and play with the css.

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joel24 is right, there's nothing really wrong with the fiddle, except that your append for the image was a little flakey.  I've updated the fiddle with a cleaner append() to show images from a clipart site and changed the display:none to display:inline-block what else are you trying to do

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