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Need advice on new website design.


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Guys, I am not very old for PHP. I want to design a website having following features:-


1) Good UI.

2) Search functionality.

3) should be as light as possible to load.


Any recommendations/suggestions/pointers for framework required or approach needed to start with?

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Find some example websites that are similar to the look and feel you want to achieve.


Take a look at what they are doing in terms of html, css and javascript, using via tools like firebug and "view source".


Do some googling to look into the specific components they are using.

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I loooove Bootstrap. I use it on all my websites. Its easy to use and highly flexible. You can check out Billig-Bredbånd.nu, which is one of my sites that uses Bootstrap, if you want to see some of the possibilities. The great thing about Bootstrap is that it is mobile first - something that Google is preaching to everyone right now :-P


Bootstrap on its own does not use PHP and is not a CMS, but I would recommend that when you have found a CMS you find a theme which is build on the basis of Bootstrap. 


Best Regards,

Guru :-)


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