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Copy all records with 2 equals data from table1 to one record in table2 (second part)

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I think the addition of the last line will do it

    , COUNT(*) as `Count`
    , GROUP_CONCAT(datarichiesta,' (',result,')' ORDER BY datarichiesta SEPARATOR ' , ') as Dates
    , @N := IF((codicepz<>@prevuser) OR (@prevres < 10) OR (risultato < 10)
        OR (datarichiesta > @startdate + INTERVAL 6 MONTH)
        , @N+1, @N) as groupno
    , @startdate := IF((codicepz<>@prevuser) OR (@prevres < 10) OR (risultato < 10)
        OR (datarichiesta > @startdate + INTERVAL 6 MONTH)
        , datarichiesta, @startdate) as startdate
    , @prevres:=risultato as result
    , @prevuser:=codicepz as user
    FROM mastertot
        JOIN (
              SELECT @N:=0, @prevres:=NULL, @prevuser:=NULL
             ) as init
    WHERE descrprestaz = 'a1'
    ORDER BY codicepz, datarichiesta
    ) as detail
GROUP BY user,groupno
HAVING `Count` >= 5 
    AND MIN(datarichiesta) + INTERVAL 1 MONTH < MAX(datarichiesta);
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Yes! Thanks!!

i did not think about inserting this dates restriction on groups at end, when all groups are already populated!

It is not so immediate enter in the SQL logic.

Could you suggest me a good tutorial or book about SQL ?

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Alas, I can't. I have never read one, except manuals. There is good video tutorial on data normalization




If you get the data right it can make life easier, at least where SQL is concerned.

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i was also thinking about coping data in php vectors in order to search for more complex time analysis profile.

Do you think it is a good idea?

There are particular dimension limit for vectors in php or other type of negative aspects like long elaboration time?


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