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Advertising Flow, how does it work?


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the scenario was like this, I was looking at an item in e.g groupon website. then I opened a new tab on my browser and logged-in to my facebook account, then I saw the particular

item that I viewed from groupon is now being suggested/advertised on the facebook newsfeed, any ideas how this thing works?, I'm sure there's a technical explanation how it works,

I just don't have any idea how it works... because I'm thinking of implementing that same feature in the web app that I am working on right now using PHP. so that if anyone viewed an item

from my app, they'll see it too on their facebook newsfeeds  :confused:

useful replies are much appreciated. thanks in advance.

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The website most likely is using some sort of facebook plugin, like to show likes and stuff. That code is spying on the users who are logged into facebook and who are also on your site, gathering information on everything they view or do on your site (at least pages that use their plugin). The same with google analytics...they track users viewing habits which is how they target "relevant" ads to each user. Same thing happens if you search in google and then go to a site that displays google adwords. You'll see ads on that site that is something you've searched for elsewhere.


That's one reason why I always physically log out of facebook before going to a different site...then they can't track me. They can only track if you're logged into facebook and don't log out.

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