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Firefox users can't see images on my website.


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Like the title says, it seems that all firefox users can't see the images on my website. Chrome and IE works just fine. 


Since I have no lead on anything that could possibly be an issue to cause this problem, I think it might be the best idea to just put a link to the website here so you can check it for yourself. 


I have done some looking into this problem. The results I got were to fix it client side (which did not work). Next to that, it happens on multiple computers and with those computers it's only my website that doesn't show the images. 


link to website: http://emeraldimmersiontrucking.com/index.php



If anyone could tell me why this problem is happening and how to solve it, that would be greatly appreciated. 

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It seems Firefox does not like having backslashes as the directory separator in the url for your images.

<img src="images\banner2 EDIM VTC.png"> 

You should be using forward slashes as the directory separator in your urls

<img src="images/banner2 EDIM VTC.png">

IE/Chrome is most likely auto correcting the urls for you.


There are other issue, such as non standard HTML. <center> should not be used to postion items on the screen this should be done with CSS. In some places your have closing tags for elements which you have not used/opened.


I would also suggest get rid of the silly no right click script. You cannot protect your HTML source code, all I need to do is disable JavaScript and I have right click capabilities back.(Alternatively press F12 to open the browser console or just download your entire html page).

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