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Better Color Scheme For Current Website


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I am currently creating a gaming website template, however, I am thinking about changing it to a multi-purpose, the reason for this is because I am looking for a professional color scheme and layout with a mixture of grays, blacks, etc.


I have this current scheme and layout, however I am not overly keen with this color scheme, I like the layout (That's cause I made it that way :S) but after numerous attempts of trying to get the perfect color scheme for this layout, I have failed, yet again.


So, I have come to you, asking if you have any ideas for a better color scheme, I will also accept any layout improvements or font improvements, etc.


This is a screenshot of the progress so far:



Thanks in advance,




P.S - I apologize if this is in the wrong category, I couldn't find any other categories that fitted this question any better than CSS.

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It's clean, but nothing to get excited about. I think once you add a logo and some real content (with pictures or videos or something) it will look nice. You should show an example page with some content.

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