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I want to disable it as soon as a value from dropdown has been selected


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Are you sure you want to use a dropdown for after they've made their selection? It's not like they can change it anymore.

I suggest you reconsider whether you want to prevent the user from changing their mind, or else use Javascript to change the input entirely - like from a dropdown to a hidden input and plain text.

<select name="foo">
<option value="value1">Option 1</option>
<option value="value2">Option 2</option>
<input type="hidden" name="foo" value="value1">
Option 1
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Use two forms. Besides the fact that having those two buttons on the same form would be confusing, if someone chooses a file to upload and then hits Submit, the file still gets uploaded. If you use two separate forms then you avoid that.

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Form 1

$this->renderPartial('_form', array('modelRebate'=>$modelRebate,'modelUploadAnn'=>$modelUploadAnn)); ?>
<h3>File Uploader</h3>
Form 2
//Defining the modelUploadedImage
$modelUploadAnn->file_prf = $modelRebate->rebate_prf;
$this->renderPartial('/files/uploadAnn',array('modelUploadAnn'=> $modelUploadAnn));  ?>
I am using the above two forms for the buttons but I am not able to arrive at the answer.
How to disable the one when the other one is selected.???
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