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Best choices for a PHP websockets server + TLS with capacity for handling user login


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In a perfect world... My project would run on PHP with TLS, 

have a MySQL database, 

HTML5 Client,

and would track authenticated users either with the websocket server or an object that can communicate directly with it. The server would behave as a In&Out server meaning that it would get updates from clients, run routines, and update each users information according to how the change effects them specifically. Also cron jobs and inputs from other external sources could trigger updates to the clients...


MY QUESTION: Short of writing my own PHP Websocket server (which I am not qualified nor inclined to do...), What is the best package to use? The information that will be passed will be sensitive, so TLS is a must, and I can't run on a self singed cert, my company won't allow that (even if I would). 


Now, I have looked at Wrench, and I like it in theory, but there is a lot to it, and I am really rusty... I'm not afraid of doing the reading, but I don't have a lot of time and I need to make the right choice. Can I please get input on what works and meets this criteria? Thanks!

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I gravitate towards loosely coupled/Dependency Injection libraries.  In that spirit, take a look at Ratchet.


You have to understand PSR-0, composer and in general the relative state of modern PHP development.  Since it's PSR-0, it should be easy enough to add in things like the symfony components and an ORM like Doctrine2, or even just use DBAL for your database calls.

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