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Need help with analytics?


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Why do you care about analytics?  Analytics is the next logical step after website development.  You just spent all that time and money making your website.  Don't you want to know how many people are going to it? Which pages are they actually looking at?  Which products are they actually buying?  What can you do to improve user experience on your site so that they buy more stuff? 


I can help you with:


  • Google / Universal Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst / Omniture)
  • Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager
  • Lots of other things that involve php or javascript


I have been doing Digital/Web Analytics for over 6 years, currently working for a company who works exclusively with enterprise level / high end clients.  I'm offering my expertise to the "little fish" / "mom and pops" out there for a nominal fee. 


PM me or email me at crayonviolent [at] gmail [dot] com.

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