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Generate PHP Shipping Label


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I know I'm going to get flamed/killed/crushed/spat-out for posting this here, but I'll try not to break too many rules :happy-04:


Okay, so I have a website that buys used cellphones, and when a visitor wants to sell me a phone, they ship it to me in the mail.


Well, I contacted FedEx and UPS, and they have PHP code where my visitors can actually click a button on my website, and a Free Shipping Label will appear. (In fact, all my competitors already have these "FedEx and UPS Return Shipping Labels" on their websites.)


So, both company's sales reps came by last month. After de-cologning my office (haha, I gotta inject humor, otherwise I'll cry), they signed me up with an account number and credentials, and then gave me the links to their PHP code and documentation.


I took one look at the code, realized I was the dumbest person on the planet, and then I took one look at the documentation. Ohhhhhh-myyyyy-ggoodness........ the "documentation" for both companies were nearly 1,000 pages each!


So my question is, how do I go about finding someone to help me?


Over the past 30 days, I have worked my way "up the phone tree" in both UPS and FedEx, trying to find someone to help me implement their code, with NO LUCK! One of the company's "higher-ups" told me that if there is a local college, I might find a student.......


Anyway, I am definitely not trying to break any rules here on this board by asking to hire someone. No. Rather, I'm thinking that all of you people are "in the PHP business" so to speak, you have contacts, you know what I am looking for, and maybe someone might be able to answer me in the format of "Well, I can't tell you WHAT to do, but here is what I would do, if I were you...."


I am open to any and all responses. And, the "college" thing doesn't really work. As an "outsider" I can't go posting notices on their boards, etc. It's kinda like when you have a gardening question, and *everyone* will always answer, "Oh, just call up your local extension..." the fact being, there is never a local extension, and if there is, nobody answers the line, etc., etc., works in theory, but not in the real world.


Please help, I'm at the end of my rope.

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It would help to post the PHP code. Also mostly these are cut-and-paste/works-out-of-the-box type of code. Since you have a website I assume you have at least a little technical background? And I assume your server supports PHP? Have you tried creating a new file pasting in the code and see what it outputs?

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