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How can I get the data of individual pixels?


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There are these tasks on a website, and it involves using your eyes, recognition, I guess they don't have OCR or some sort of software that can identify objects...


See attached photo as an example where your job is to write what you see on a receipt.




So... I was thinking... each one of these pays $0.08 and if I can automate that job, then I could make money while I was working my real job.


So I would think about how I understand letters (my own brain) and then figure out how to write the algorithm (is that right?) top down for example, a block is a sentence, then a smaller block is a word, then a smaller block is a letter, then the smallest detail would be the pixels comprising the block comprising the letter....



Anyway, can I get the data of a pixel?

I read in this post that you can't. Why? Who said no?




Does the browser take over the display on a computer and thus defines what you see or does the computer do anything with the display so that in this case my application would run on my end or perhaps a server...

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Thanks for your response.

This was a random thought. I mean that is a php function which would could be independent on their website right? Depending on windows server vs. linux? Although when I think about it, the page has to be parsed on my end in order for me to "do something with it" eg. see it.


I don't know... anyway thanks for your input. I'll look that over.

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Is it good?


I zoomed into a letter, average scale like readable from a foot or so away from a screen. The letter is say a quarter of an inch tall, when you zoom in on that, it really becomes hard to tell what letter it is. I was going to start trying to write an "algorithm" or something that would be able to tell what letter/number something was by following a top-down pixel shade sorting thing but man... haha that's pretty deep... I keep trying to figure out what to focus on and spend time on that will actually return monetary gains.


I know I should pursue something to be happy, pure passion, but at this point in life, my life is not secure so I'm trying to figure something out to help my situation.

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