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Multiple blogs on one domain

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Good day,


I have a task at hand, I was given an project where I need to combine 3 blogs into on site. I understand the simplistic answer to this but the doing is a bit confusing at this point and would like to get some input from a community.

Is there software I can use for this, except for wordpress?

Or is it best to design and develop each cms for each blog into a main CMS page.

MAIN CMS PAGE -> Blog 1, blog 2, blog 3 and then settings for each blogs and add/edit and delete pages etc.

The second problem is that I have briefly dealt with themes before and have found them to be a pain when it comes to trying to select a theme from a list of 3. I got fairly tilted results as some elements confused each other.. Is this fairly normal? Does php have a weakness towards themes?
Any software suggestions and guidance would be so appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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It totally depends how you want the architecture. I'm not aware of anything off the top of my head that does it out of the box, but you can pretty easily set up multiple Wordpress or other CMS's to be on subdomains or under their own URI. For example, blog1.example.com, blog2.example.com, blog3.example.com - or - example.com/blog1, example.com/blog2, example.com/blog3. You can pretty easily configure both of these approaches to have their own virtual hosts and thus, their own docroots, configs, etc.


Does php have a weakness towards themes?

Themes have nothing to do with PHP. You can either find themes that are built using plain HTML/CSS, or themes for a specific platform. But it has nothing to do with PHP.

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The project says that all the blog must be hosted under the same domain, so yes I believe that they are in the same location I can make a CMS for each of them. That's no problem whats so ever. My question is: Is there an easier more logical way of going about it with out complex queries and settings for each blog. My php level is fairly alright, I'm so far from being a Pro but I'm working towards such things.

Thanks for the reply's.

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example.com/blog1, example.com/blog2, example.com/blog3

This is three blogs on one domain, but they are separate installations, with separate databases and environments. If that satisfies the requirements then it is the best way to go, in my opinion.

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