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I have been trying to get a hold of PHP for a while now. I have had LAMP on my machine for one year now and I have tried to pace myself to completing the basics as quick as possible but i realize now that it's not that easy. I am now starting to realize that the basics(ie. while, for, if/then, arrays etc) are very important and pacing through them is not a good idea and rigourous practicing is very important.


I would like some feedback on people here got started on php? Did you read any books or did you just start coding?  Appreciate if someone could share their experience here.




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I agree with the above statement by gizmola. Keep on making websites. 

I have took lesson of basic from few websites mostly from w3schools and they are so simple to understand but when you put php codes in your site you will realize that coding are not that simple  for newbie but keep on working with codes can make it simple rather just learning simple lessons. 


I just made a site ( well havent made any design yet but that is not hard part, I think html and css is not that hard) but i will be adding more features just to make sure i keep on coding and coding so that i keep on growing my knowledge of php. 

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I tried to learn (not seriously) for a few years, but it never really sank in right...

I bought a couple of books of Amazon (php/mysql for Dummies and a php/mysql Site Point book (i have since bought more advanced books)).

I read them and realized i knew a lot more than i thought!! Once you have the syntax understood (which is easy once it is explained) the logic starts to piece together...

PHP reference sites then answers most other questions i find

As others say, build a site is the best way to learn i feel; And when selecting the type of site to build deliberately pick one that it slightly above your current abilities!  

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I learned from php.net

Making piles of own functions and scripts and when get enough of them together can create a larger project.

Give yourself a goal and follow it through, if you get stuck something research it or ask the friendly people here in the forum.


When I learned php there wasn't many sites on the net like this or a lot of places to research specific problems, had to do lots of trial and fail, learn what didn't work and see the few choices that did.

It's a lot easier to learn this now, but you need to learn the current and correct way. Is lots of outdated tutorials and bad code on the net.


If coming from other programming languages have to take into account php is a loose/non-strict programming language while most others are strict, it's almost like a free-for-all in what you can do.


Two posts here that may help you.

suggestions/do and don't list



Hi, everyone!

My name is Ward Bradley

I try to study more seriously PHP Frameworks

If you can help me with that, you are welcome!


You should first learn php before attempting a php framework.

Each framework has their own rules and levels of difficulty.

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