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How can I find the CSS used in a form from a web page?

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I'm trying to recreate the CSS for the form textfields and also the submit button used on this page:




(ie the rounded corner text boxes and the red rounded corner submit button)


I've tried trying to find these using page source in Safari with little success.


Any help appreciated whilst I'm still getting to grips with CSS :)



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Which browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) do you use? In Chrome, for example, you can right click things like the submit button and click "Inspect Element". This opens the Developer Tools panel, highlights the HTML code for the element you right clicked, and shows the associated CSS in the Styles tab.


More information about the Chrome Developer Tools panel can be found here:


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Same thing in Firefox. Just right click the element, choose 'Inspect Element', and check it out.


You can also (in both Chrome and FF) turn attributes off, change their values, and add new attributes, so you can play around with things to see what it's going to look like before you commit the change to the CSS.

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