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Searching the right tool or method


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I want to build a website that will manage customers, inventory and prices. Not too complicated.


I need to build 2 types of web pages:

1. Pages that display information from the DB as a table and as a customize form. 

2. Pages that will allow the user to add or edit information from the DB, again as a table and a customiz form.



I'm familiar with codding and DB SQL.



i don't know which method to choose:

php or .net.


I also got a recommendation on these tools:


laravel,codeigniter,symfony2, Yii, Zend Framework 




I want to find the best and easiest way or tool to build this website. 

I don't care to pay for a tool if it will make this process easier.

Can you please advise?



Thank you.


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It's largely about preference and the goals of your project. If you're more familiar with PHP, go with PHP. If you're more familiar with .NET stuff, go with .NET stuff.


As for PHP frameworks, I would drop Codeigniter and Yii from your list. Symfony2 and Zend are roughly equal, and they both have a pretty steep learning curve. Laravel is built on Symfony components, and because it's highly opinionated, it's a little easier to pick up. My loyalties lie with Symfony2, but you can't go wrong with any of the three.


With that said, you may not need a full stack framework. Have you looked at some common CMS platforms such as Drupal?

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