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Opinions on a social wall for PHP


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I'm looking for an application or a social wall plugin to be added to a project. After looking at Wordpress and finally sifting through all the plugins (maybe all), I have come to a conclusion the plugins are not giving me enough customization options. For example, customizing the registration form. I need to add javascript for a combo box in order to display different options depending on what was selected.

What I need -

  1. Your Opinion on a good social wall that's easy to make changes.

  2. I need a secure login and password ---  PDO based

  3. A control panel would be nice to activate users or deactivate.

  4. A customized registration form
  5. Ability to add more pages, add php to customize it to work like I need it to.
  6. Responsive.

If anyone has an opinion with experience on this matter it would be great to hear from you.

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I've been searching for a customized registration form for a membership plugin for a week.  If you know of a membership plugin with a social wall plugin that someone can customize by all means list it here.  


It also needs -  Front-end Registration - Front-end login -  Front-end posting - Front-end comments.

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