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Since is wordpress and using some plugins all you want is for the theme?


You should use a responsive more dynamic theme that could work with different screen sizes and devices and adjusts content within automatic.

Mobile devices can see browsers similar to desktops these days. It's more detecting the device and sizing it properly.

Not sure why you have just content and is blue for mobile, made it appear was at some other website.

I personally don't like the switcher.


Is a large top bar, you could take advantage of that area.

A logo, favicon and background style could help it.

Few different shades of green used, I understand trying to match the "leaves" icon for posts but large square blocks of different color isn't working.

If you can mimick the rounded corners style for the rest could look pretty good.


Can take advantage more features of html5.

More seo, meta data could help.

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You have a few server security issues. 



Your site is vulnerable to Click Jacking.


You are advertising your PHP version (PHP/5.3.29)


Your PHP version is out of date. Current Stable PHP 5.6.13


You are vulnerable to cross-domain Javascript inclusion (Host your JS on your server instead of linking to someone else's server.)


Auto Complete is not disabled for your registration fields.


Additionally, you are repeating ID's. You can only use the same ID once in a page.

(newlife-search-form-block, searchform, s)


You have many ending </p> tags with no opening <p> tag

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