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php passing parameter through link using $_get and echoing the divs assoicated with each attribute...

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this is an example of my link...




I'm passing the variables like this...


echo $_GET["rack"] ;

echo $_GET["jobs"] ;

echo  $_GET["hosts"] ;


Rack would echo a grouping of divs with the contents: r1, r2, r3

Jobs it's grouping of divs: j1, j2, j3

Hosts: h1,h2, h3


I'm looking to connect the dots between passing the parameter and getting the data... Anyone feel me?


Best, William

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Uhhh, This is a forum where we help you with the code you are trying to write. So - you should take a stab at writing your idea in code and testing it asking for help in perfecting it.




1 - your url should look use ampersands instead of + signs for the second and third parms.


As for the rest of your explanation of what you want to do, I'm a bit confused. Your url provides one value for each parm but you want to get "groups of divs" out of each one? Hmmm...

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I'm not looking for someone to write my code... It's almost written because of my company I can't share it. It would illegal for me to do so and I could be punished. I'm a python writer and got stuck with this php project. Your remark is absolutely no help... yes, I always to + by default that's python, but that wasn't my question.


After 20 years programming chips in one of the best companies in the world, I've been there done that with the stereotypical bad attitude programmer type.


I don't php and neither does anyone around here but we drew straws and I got this stupid project...


With regards to the code... I'm using $_get to pass the parameters and I'm using document.GetElementById to get the data... I can't share my code it breaks all sorts of agreements with my company. I would lose my clearance...


That's all... Sorry to lash out, normally I would just move on, but like I said, I'm tired of that old stereotype... 

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The first variable in a query string follows a ?, which you are doing. Subsequent variables get added using the ampersand (&), but you are using a plus (+) which means a space character in URLs.




$rack = $_GET['rack'];
$jobs = $_GET['jobs'];
$hosts = $_GET['hosts'];

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