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Need harvesting script for pulling products/details from supplier site

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Greetings. We're running a WooCommerce cart for a client. The problem is that his supplier apparently doesn't provide any type of spreadsheet with their product info that we can use to import them into our cart. As a result, it's taking literally months to gather images, product descriptions and so forth from the supplier's site. The client is clueless on what to do and i'm tired of hand-scraping info off their site and trying to match it up with WooCommerce's needs regarding product fields.


So, what i'm hoping is SOMEONE... anyone....has info on a script that can harvest product information from a source site and compile it into a CSV file. I've searched in some of the typical places but can't find anything suitable or product orientated.


Please advise if you have info that could help. Thanks!

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The best thing to do is talk to this supplier and have them make a csv or an api that clients can access it.


Do not know the supplier.

There won't be an all around script for such a thing as site scraping is usually specific to a site.


I'm sure are programmers here that can make such a script for a price.

You can post any jobs in the freelance section

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