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Php active class for Nav buttons


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I followed a tutorial sometime back and now I want to use this script unfortunately the tutorial at the time did not cover what I am looking for but I did end up with the code below.


I am wanting to have an active class dependant on users selection. I would appreciate any help.

	echo '<ul id="nav">';
	$cat_sql="SELECT * FROM administration";
	$cat_query=mysqli_query($con, $cat_sql);
	// calling data put into associative array
		do{ ?>
		<li><a <?php if ($current_page == "name") { ?><?php } ?>href="index.php?page=<?php echo $cat_rs['link_name']; ?>"><?php echo $cat_rs['name']; 		 
	} while ($cat_rs=mysqli_fetch_assoc($cat_query)); 
	echo "</ul>";
<!-- need to add - class='active' -->

The code above gets the field names for the buttons but I am unable to work out how to have an active class.  The code is messy but have been trying all sorts to sort this.


Thanks again for any pointers/help.



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$curPg = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; // OR $curPg = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
while($cat_rs = mysqli_fetch_assoc($cat_query)){
	print("<li><a href='index.php?page={$cat_rs['link_name']}'");
	if($cat_rs['link_name'] == $curPg){
		print(" class='active'");

You can use PHP_SELF or REQUEST_URI depending on what's stored in the 'link_name' column of your administration table. Or, you may have to do a bit more finessing on the data before the comparison. The important thing is that you get the current page and compare it to the value of link_name. If they match, you're on the current page and append the active class to that link.

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