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The login system


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"Login system"?


Is this something more than a simple form that asks for a user id and password?  I've not heard it referred to as a 'login system' before.  Normally it is simply the form and some logic and a db query to check the entries or to save them.

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@sigmahokies, the php programming help forum section is for asking for help with code you have written. it is not for asking how you can learn something or for links to sites, because we don't know the complete requirements for what you are looking for. this is not a suggestion for you to try and list all the requirements that you are looking for. it's a suggestion that it's up to you to do the research for the information that you want to know, not to ask others to do this for you, because you are the only one here that knows what exactly you are looking for and at what level of detail that matches your programming knowledge and experience.
if you have specific questions about how you would design something, you can post them in the Application Design forum section, but please read the rules/stick-posts for that forum section, it is not to get someone to completely do your design for you, just to answer specific questions you have while you are doing the design - see the sticky/pinned post http://forums.phpfre...ication-design/

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