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Can you delete my account please?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Why are you marking as solved, without even addressing his concerns? I was about to start a topic with the same request: it seems a little ridiculous that on a PHP forum we can't even delete our own accounts. Adding this one feature would stop all these people from posting on here, over and over.


Privacy on the internet is a big issue, and granted, if people didn't want their info shared, they shouldn't have posted it in the first place. However, mistakes happen, people become inactive on websites, and for whatever reason they would like to protect themselves by having that account deleted, especially if the website has been previously compromised. I didn't even remember signing up for this website until haveibeenpwned notified me of the breach. The fact that you are being so flippant about this, is rather concerning. I understand you are all volunteers, all doing this out of love for the website -- so please, show that love and allow those who don't want their data stored here to remove it.



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Why are you marking as solved, without even addressing his concerns?

Are you the owner of the account? Do you know what I did with the account?

I made a quick post to let other mods/admins know the OP's request had been addressed. It's not like I can contact the person or they can reply to threads...


Not being able to delete one's own account is normal. I know of, like, two websites which let you do that. Or at least claim that you're doing that - I would be surprised how many of them actually remove account data from their systems. Because record-keeping is actually very important.


Re: flippant. Yeah, I see that. I tend to react to rude comments and snideness similarly. I've also not been in a good mood lately because of, you know, this whole shitstorm.

Re: you don't remember signing up. It's only been 2.5 years and you have more than a dozen posts across three threads spanning half a month. But whatever. Do you want your account suspended too? If you were using your real name or a personal email address then I would have offered to sanitize it along the way (no offense if that is, in fact, your first name, which would be kinda cool).

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