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how to make comments stick to its original posts

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hi, guys i'm trying to create a commenting system to posts in a example site. And i can't seem to print the exact comments to its original post. i created two tables updates and comment_update and kept os_id as the common table row, where it is refering to update_id of updates table. everything seems ok except for the loops which is screwing up the output. Any advice on how to rectify it as i tried with while & other loops everything gives the same problem. 

here is my code for that logic:

   foreach($status2view as $row){
                $title= stripslashes($row['title']);
                $data= stripslashes($row['update_body']);
        $sql1="select * from updates,comment_update where comment_update.os_id like updates.update_id and comment_update.type like 'b'";
       $sql2="select * from updates left join comment_update using (os_id) where comment_update.os_id=:statusid  ";
       // $stmth->bindparam(":either",$_SESSION['uname']);
        $stmth->execute(array( ":statusid"=>$updateid));
        $status_reply= $stmth->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
     foreach ($status_reply as $row) {
                $reply_data=  stripslashes($reply_d);
               if ($reply_author==$_SESSION['uname'] || $account_name==$_SESSION['uname']) {
                   $reply_delete_button.="<li><span id='$status_reply_id' class='delete_reply_btn glyphicon glyphicon-remove'><a href='#' title='Delete this comment'>Remove X</a></span></li>";
                if ($updateid==$reply_osid) {  
              $status_replies="<div  class='replyboxes pull-left reply_".$status_reply_id."'>Reply by:-<a href='search_results.php?u=".$reply_author."'>".$reply_author."</a>"
                      . "<span class='pull-right'>".$reply_date 
                       . "<b class='caret'>
                         <small><span class='btn-xs btn-danger dropdown-toggle pull-right' data-toggle='dropdown' aria-expanded='true' ><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-edit'></span>
                        <ul class='dropdown-menu'>".$reply_delete_button
                      . "<li><a href='#' class='hidden_text_area glyphicon glyphicon-pencil reply_".$status_reply_id."' title='Edit this comment' >Edit</a></li>"
                      . "<li><a href='report.php?u='".$reply_author."'>Report</a><li></ul>"
                      . "</span></span></small></b><br><legend>".  html_entity_decode($reply_data)."</legend><br></div>";
              }  else {
                //insert_status_ui script to get message.
                if ($author==$_SESSION['uname'] || $account_name==$_SESSION['uname']) {
                           . '<a href="#" type="'.$updateid.'" class="delete_4_session hidden_text_delete_'.$updateid.' glyphicon glyphicon-trash delete_reply_btn" title="Delete this status and its replies">Remove</a></li>';
                $status_list= $statusui_edit.'<div attr="'.$updateid.'" type="'.$updateid.'" class="statusboxes status_'.$updateid.'  jumbotron">'
                        . '<h3 style="color:black; margin-bottom:5px; margin-top:5px;" class="pull-left">'
                        . '<div id="'.$updateid.'" class="title_s_2copy" value="'.html_entity_decode($title).'">'.html_entity_decode($title).'</div></h3>'
                        . '<span class="pull-right">'
                        . '<div class="dropdown">'
                        . '<button type="button" class="btn btn-danger dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown"  >'
                        . '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-edit"></span></button>'
                        . '<ul class="dropdown-menu">'
                        . '<li><a href="#" attr="'.$updateid.'" type="'.$updateid.'" class="edit_4_session hidden_text_edit glyphicon glyphicon-pencil" title="Edit this status" >Edit</a></li>'.$statusdeletebutton.'</ul></div></span><br><hr>'
                        . '<legend><span class=" data_s_2copy" type="'.$updateid.'" >'
                        . html_entity_decode($data).'</span><br><br></legend><b style="text-align:right; color:black;"><small>Posted by:-  <a href="search_results.php?u='.$author.'">'.$author.   '</a>   '.$post_date.'</small></b>'
                        . '<br><p>'.$status_replies.'</p><br>';

                    $status_list.= '<textarea id="reply_textarea_'.$updateid.'"  class="status_reply_'.$updateid.' input-custom2" placeholder="comment\'s"></textarea>'
                            . '<button id="reply_btn_'.$updateid.'" attr="'.$updateid.'" type="b" class="btn btn-warning pull-right btn-sm reply_btn reply_'.$updateid.'">Reply</button></div>';
                echo $status_list;
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