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dynamic upload functionality help


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hey guys i'm half way through making a upload script for my site which consists of js and php...but i'm a little concerned about its functionality and how the best way it should work.


here is a screenshot of how it looks when a user will click and upload a picture




i used a XMLHttpRequest which moves the image from a temporary directory and uploads to my selected directory...happy days!


now i give the user a option to edit image where they can rotate and crop the image (server side)




this is where i need help on the scripts functionality please.



now when a user uploads a picture it saves onto my server directory...depending on how big the image is it can sometimes take 45 seconds for a 4/5 meg picture to upload which causes problem with the users experience (i think) because...of time...the only way i can see the user editing a image is when it's 100% uploaded and not before....cause if they try to edit before the upload is complete i'm unable to select the image to crop and rotate server side as it wont be uploaded yet.


it all just seems like a long process waiting and i'm a bit stuck on what is best to do here.


do i continue to allow editing on a image, when its 100% uploaded or is there a better way?


i hope my problem is clear enough...also if you'd like to see any code please let me know.


thank you



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