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problems with insert query (Laravel 5.1)


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I am trying to pick activityType and show the value in an array that looks like this:




I want the activityType value to be an actual option like: option1,option2 etc..


But it throws an error instead (when trying to change values of it):

ErrorException in c3b8369e5906a262c6e3760a4e5a65e9 line 35: Use of undefined constant Aerobics - assumed 'Aerobics' (View: /var/www/L53/resources/views/dashboard.blade.php)

here's my relevant view code snippet:

) What do you expect from this app to help you? <br><br> (You can always change this later) <br><br>
 &nbsp{!! Form::checkbox('expectations','New anerobic routines'); !!} Find new anerobic routines <br>
 &nbsp{!! Form::checkbox('expectations','New aerobic routines'); !!} Find new aerobic routines <br>
 &nbsp{!! Form::checkbox('expectations','Follow'); !!} Follow other users to get inspired <br>


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